The purpose of Design Futures Council summits and forums is to connect leading thinkers with one another and with transformative ideas so that delegates can create positive and lasting change through design. DFC events help provide the vision leadership and energy to create lasting positive change.

Each year the DFC hosts four events in the United States and one World Design Forum events in a place like Singapore, Australia, Italy, Brazil, and China.

The four U.S.-based events each year are:

DFC World Design Forum events

Each year the Design Futures Council holds exclusive think-tank events in locations throughout Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia.

Full schedule with Executive Board meeting dates

For a full schedule of DFC events, including the dates and location of executive board meetings, please click here.

Custom think tank & roundtable events

The Design Futures Council also conducts custom events for firms and organizations that wish to explore trends and marketplace shifts affecting design-based industries. Contact Managing Director Bob Fisher at (678) 879-0929 for details.