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The Design Futures Council (DFC) is a DesignIntelligence gathering of development, architecture, design, engineering, construction, product, and technology leaders who explore global trends, challenges, and opportunities to advance innovation and shape the future of architecture, engineering, construction (A/E/C) and design. Each year the DFC convenes summits on issues of strategic importance to leaders: technology and applied innovation, collaboration, education and talent, sustainability, and the business of design.

The DFC is committed to supporting the A/E/C community by providing information and understanding of trends and future issues. The Council creates context in which leaders from member firms can work with one another—as well as leading thinkers from outside industries—to tackle complex challenges and opportunities in A/E/C.

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An important part of the mission of DesignIntelligence is to encourage and support leadership at all levels of A/E/C: from the exploration that begins in education to the summary of accomplishments of mature professionals.

Graduate Presentation Program

DesignIntelligence, through the Design Futures Council, initiated a service to colleges and firms that helps bridge the talent gap between graduating students and the design professions: Graduate Presentation Program (GPP). The program helps identify and connect the top graduating students from architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design with hiring managers and leadership at the top 300 firms.

DFC Emerging Leaders

The DFC Emerging Leaders scholarship program selects individuals who represent the brightest ideals for the future of professional practice: broadening the impact of design, serving society, as well as advancing sustainable design and technological innovation. Emerging Leaders are recognized each year at the DFC Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design. The program is sponsored by generous contributions from DuPont Protection Solutions.

Senior Fellows

The Design Futures Council Senior Fellowship is granted annually to outstanding individuals who have provided noteworthy leadership to the advancement of design and related professions. Senior Fellows of the DFC are recognized for significant contributions toward the understanding of changing trends, new research, and applied knowledge that improve the built environment and the human condition.

DFC Members

More than 100 professional practices, educational institutions, and corporations participate in the Design Futures Council. Unlike many organizations, the DFC draws members from across the A/E/C disciplines, as well as education and industries such as technology and manufacturing. DFC member organizations are among the most influential in the A/E/C industry. Participation is by invitation only.

Membership DFC Events

The Design Futures Council is a global organization with a multinational presence. We actively serve A/E/C markets in both Australia and the United Kingdom. The DFC in Australia and the U.K. focus on the specific conditions and opportunities of local markets, helping inform best practices worldwide.

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