Australia | Alternative Business Models in the Housing Market

| Holding Redlich; Sydney

Over recent years Melbourne has become the heartland of deliberative development in Australia, with a number of business/delivery models hitting the market to tackle our national housing crisis.

A number of players in the market are delivering residential development projects at 20-30% less than market rate, which are more sustainable, with great design integrity, speedy sales and still turning a profit.

In addition, we are now seeing a reponse from Government via build to rent and other mechanisms in the market to help ease the pressure.

Planning and built environment professionals need sharpened skills and knowledge to design viable strategies and design responses for accommodating population growth which include and support affordable housing as part of wider supply, and understand the commercial viability of participating in build to rent projects.

This function will unpack the commercial details of the alternative models being explored to provide housing for Australians. A dive into various examples of how we can balance the needs of society and the commercial realities of the corporate world to deliver housing.

Some of the areas we will discuss are:
What are the alternative structures, and how do they maintain a profitable outcome?
Risk allocation and management in this type of development
How can we scale up these models?
An assessment of the opportunity in the market
Where does the money come from? Who is willing to pay/invest?
The viability of other concepts such as the tiny house movement, or an adaption of student accomodation for adults?
Can design firms transition to developers with success?
How can design/designers impact housing affordability?

Alternative Business Models in the Housing Market will be held Monday, November 5 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at Holding Redlich in Sydney. DFC members receive complimentary registration; non-members are required to pay a fee. For more information and to register, go here. 


Event Speakers

Jason Twill

Innovation Fellow and Senior Lecturer, Founder/Director Urban Apostles,
Founder the City Makers Guild, Advisor Nightingale

Tim Riley

Property Collectives