Australia | Creating a Virtual Data Marketplace for Cities

| Melbourne, October 26; 8:30 am - 1:00 pm | Sydney, October 31, 8:30 am - 1:00 pm

In 2015, the City of Copenhagen, the Capital Region, Realdania and the environmental cluster group CLEAN partnered with Hitachi to build the City Data Exchange: a virtual market place where groups and individuals can buy and sell data.

Peter Bjorn Larsen, who was a Director and key advisor to the Europe’s first City Data Exchange (Denmark) will be running a workshop for members of the Design Futures Council, and Australian Smart Communities Association. This workshop will guide our audience through how this was achieved, how the use of collected data made Copenhagen “smarter”, and how to establish a commercial model for data management. We will also hear from Peder Baltzer Nielsen, the city architect of Aalborg municipality in charge of the department of planning and development, about how data has informed the design of the city. During the Sydney workshop Scott Alden will provide an overview of ICT/Smart City procurement.

Projects of this nature are in their infancy in Australia; however, this emerging trend is critical for built environment professionals to be aware of. Understanding the data sets being collected by smart cities can inform design responses. The workshops will be held in two cities on two dates: October 26, 2018 in Melbourne and October 31, 2018 in Sydney.

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Event Speakers

Peter Bjorn Larsen

Director and Owner
Smart City Insights

Peder Baltzer Nielsen

City Architect
Aalborg Municipality Denmark

Scott Alden (Sydney only)

Holding Redlich

Robert Linsdell (Melbourne only)

Managing Director, A/NZ
Vertiv Company
(Melbourne only)