Australia | The Future of Data in A/E/C

| Melbourne | Colin Biggers & Paisley

Bigger and better data is now available, and with the speed to which it is becoming available, new possibilities are available to understand people and places more deeply–informing design and how it is being delivered.

Big data is not a panacea for the world’s problems, but allows for the optimisation of systems and the identification of as yet unknown patterns.

This is particularly valuable for understanding the use of cities and buildings, where innovation and growth are rapidly advancing. The ability to alter policies in a dynamic and real-time environment can allow for far more efficient resource allocation and supply and demand monitoring in cities, buildings and regions, both now and in the future.

The new era of generative design in architecture, engineering, and construction, designers and builders will use computers not just to describe buildings, but co-create them.

This Leadership Summit of Applied Innovation and Technology explores how cities, firms, clients and our peers are harnessing data to drive better decisions around design and the way it is delivered.

Event attendees will participate in a workshop run by Emilie Mortensen and Alexia Lidas. In this workshop, attendees will co-create a report examining an outstanding question in the new-age world of smart cities and data sharing: What will the relationship between a smart city and a smart building be?

The Leadership Summit of Applied Innovation and Technology: The Future of Data in A/E/C will be held in Melbourne on October 25 from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at Colin Biggers & Paisley. DFC members receive complimentary registration; non-members are required to pay a fee. For more information and to register, go here.

Speakers listed below.

Event Speakers

Peder Baltzer Nielsen

City Architect, Aalborg Municipality

Jeremy Graham

Computational Design Leader
HDR Australia

Peter Bjorn Larsen

Smart City Insights ApS, Denmark

Alexia Lidas

Managing Director
Design Futures Council, Australia

Daniel Kalins

Global Head of Digital

Dr. Benjamin Coorey

Founder and CEO

Emilie J. Mortensen

Senior Trade Advisor
Trade Council of Denmark

Tomislav Golubovic

Senior Technical Sales Specialist
Autodesk Australia and New Zealand