Australia | Leadership Summit on the Business of Design: Technology Driven, Human-Centred — The Fourth Industrial Revolution

| Colin Biggers & Paisley | Sydney, Australia

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived. While it is unclear how it will completely unfold, we can be sure that the scale, scope, and complexity of this transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.

The current speed of technological breakthrough has no historical precedent. When compared with previous industrial revolutions, the Fourth is evolving at an exponential pace. This DFC summit explores essential issues of strategic importance for leaders in the A/E/C to run a better business in an environment of this nature. Readying leaders, to inspire their teams, and steer firms through times of change. This interactive experience allows leaders to engage in peer-to-peer exchange on the topics that address the trends and forces of change that shape A/E/C practice.

Event Speakers

Isabelle Phillips

Mackerel Sky - Leadership Matters

Neil Temperly

Data Product Manager - Future Cities, Transport and Logistics Living Lab Mentor

Bob Fisher

Principal, Editor-in-Chief
DesignIntelligence USA

Ben Cooper-Woolley

Digital Services Leader Australasia
ARUP Digital

Camille Reed

Australasian Circular Textile Association

Joel Hutchines

CEO & Founder

Robert Beson

Founding Director and Architect

Ton Dijkgraaf

Smart Technology Solutions Lead

Waco Tao

Powerhouse Homes

Brendan Pope

Design Manager
Fleetwood East

Sarah Churchward Norton

Design-led Strategy & Customer Engagement + Organisational Transformation