DFC Leadership Summit on Design Education & Talent Strategies 2019

| University of Cincinnati; College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

Talent is an important issue facing the A/E/C professions today. But how can the A/E/C industry remain relevant to today’s students … and tomorrow’s? How do we retain and train the leaders we already have? How do we develop new talent? What about succession plans?

These questions and more will be addressed at the DFC Leadership Summit on Design Education and Talent Strategies. Since the talent cycle begins in school and follows the arc of professional careers, we’ll talk about how educators and professionals can collaborate, brainstorm, and address ideas like talent shortages, talent opportunities, and talent cultivation across an organization’s most valuable asset—people.

Event Speakers

John Cranley

City of Cincinnati, Ohio

Beth Robinson

President & CEO
Uptown Consortium, Inc.

Jim West

College of Architecture, Art, and Design
Mississippi State University

Barbara Bryson, EdD

Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs
School of Architecture
The University of Arizona

Chris Monson, RA

Doctoral Candidate, PhD Program in the Built Environment
University of Washington

Glen Morrison

Former President and CEO
Tarkett North America

Ken Sanders, FAIA

Former Managing Principal