DFC Leadership Summit on the Future of Architecture … Preparation, Practice, Posture

| Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Rossini, Venice, Italy

Held in the historic Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Rossini in the architecturally beautiful city of Venice, Italy, the DFC Leadership Summit on the Future of Architecture will gather leaders from the profession and education to celebrate architecture’s impact and discuss the opportunity to grow its influence.

Where is the marketplace of architectural value going? What will professional practice look like in the coming decades? How can architects become more future-oriented while not losing touch with the essential roots of the profession? What is the next context of leadership in practice and education?

This event will focus on these and other essential questions in an effort to help us design our future—rather than react to it.

Event Speakers

Francis Gallagher

Managing Director

Paul Doherty

TDG (The Digit Group)

Mitchell Joachim

Founding Co-President
Terreform ONE

Jim Anderson


Laura Lee

Carnegie Mellon University

Peter MacKeith

Dean and Professor of Architecture
University of Arkansas

Robert Probst

University of Cincinnati