Australia | Action Forum: Deep Dive into Global Trends

| Sydney 2/7/20 | Melbourne 2/13/20

Today’s businesses, government and individuals are responding to shifts that would have seemed unimaginable even a few years ago. These are large, transformative trends that define the present and shape the future by their impact on businesses, economies, industries, societies and individual lives – with ‘global reach, broad scope, and a fundamental and dramatic impact’.

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DFC Leadership Summit on Technology & Applied Innovation – Game Changers

| La Jolla, CA

As the world of AEC crawls along, there are altering examples of authentic breakthroughs in thinking, possibilities, and practice. Some of these might better be titled, “Game Changers”. The industry of design will not look the same five years from now. Massive change at unprecedented rates of volume and speed, coupled with tribes of non-industry contributors entering the industry are requiring the best and better of us. Our time together will range from intellectual challenge to pragmatic application, from theory to practice, and from reflections on status quo to leading a mandate for radical reinvention. We will connect together. We will debate the debatable. We will share insights. We will leave different than how we arrived.

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DFC Leadership Summit on the Business of Design

| Cambridge, MA

At the Leadership Summit on the Business of Design, we focus on running a better business. The Design Futures Council brings together senior executives from across the architecture, engineering and construction industry to bring innovative ideas and solutions to help leaders in the business of design.

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The Fern – Site Tour

| Alexandria, NSW

The Fern is the Southern Hemisphere’s first Passivhaus Certified apartment building 300m from Redfern station, comprising 11 x one-bedroom ‘next-gen’ serviced apartments.

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DFC Leadership Summit on the Dynamics of Accelerating Convergence

| RIBA Offices, London, UK

At the DFC International Leadership Summit on A/E/C Accelerated Convergence, we will discuss how architecture, engineering and construction are exploring new opportunities, new approaches and new efficiencies to create a greater advantage for our industry, and the world.

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Australia | Touchstone: Extended Value in Practice

| Sydney October 1 | Melbourne October 2

The value of extended reach and roles in market: How do we expand the reach and role of architects and engineers in the built environment beyond current practices to deal with challenges and complexity facing the economy, society and the environment? How do we harness collaboration and connectivity to lead innovation for the building industry?

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Australia | Fireside Chat on Convergence

| Sydney, Melbourne

As new business concepts from design to delivery evolve, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the future of the built environment includes a convergence of the business models we see and work within today. There are great productivity and economic efficiencies that can be gained through convergence of services in the built environment value chain.

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DFC Leadership Summit on the FUTURE of Environmental Responsibility

| Minneapolis, MN

Our world is facing ever-increasing needs and demands. Environmental responsibility is the answer to the question of one of the deepest issues of our time. Together, we can provide innovative solutions to take care of the world we all live in and drive transformative change … for a better future.

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Australia | Touchstone – Lacrosse Judgement Summary

| Melbourne

Our Leaders Luncheons provide heads up awareness and a unique opportunity for candid dialogue amongst leaders; which lends resilience to each firm. This luncheon will provide an overview of the judgement given to the owners of Melbourne’s Lacrosse Tower in the Docklands and the need to know for leaders of design consulting firms.





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Australia | Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design & Ecological Stewardship

| Holding Redlich | Sydney

Toward a Regenerative Future will focus on challenging the status quo and discovering new approaches to practical, effective and regenerative practice. Global leaders and academics, professional practices and government officials will come together to learn about new approaches that can be immediately implemented in firms and organisations.

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Australia | Proprietary vs. Nonproprietary

| Colin Biggers & Paisley | Melbourne

Proprietary vs. Nonproprietary, the Journey to an Open-Source Built Environment will bring together built environment leaders to share their firm’s perspective on the transition to an open-source built environment.

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DFC Leadership Summit on Technology and Applied Innovation

| La Valencia Hotel, La Jolla, CA - USA

Technology continues to drive change within all of the industries it touches—including architecture, engineering, and construction. The Design Futures Council Leadership Summit on Technology and Applied Innovation will delve into current and future industry disruption and how A/E/C leaders can navigate the changes ahead.


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Australia | Alternative Business Models in the Housing Market

| Holding Redlich; Sydney

The Alternative Business Models in the Housing Market event will unpack the commercial details of the alternative models being explored to provide housing for Australians. We will dive into various examples of how we can balance the needs of society and the commercial realities of the corporate world to deliver housing to Australians.

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Australia | Creating a Virtual Data Marketplace for Cities

| Melbourne, October 26; 8:30 am - 1:00 pm | Sydney, October 31, 8:30 am - 1:00 pm

A gathering of A/E/C leaders to discuss the City Data Exchange–a virtual marketplace where groups and individuals can buy and sell data. Projects of this nature are in their infancy in Australia, but this emerging trend is critical for built environment professionals to be aware of. Understanding the data sets being collected by smart cities can inform design responses.

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Australia | The Future of Data in A/E/C

| Melbourne | Colin Biggers & Paisley

The Leadership Summit of Applied Innovation: The Future of Data in A/E/C is a gathering of A/E/C leaders that explores how cities, firms, clients and our peers are harnessing data to drive better decisions around design and the way it is delivered.

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Australia | Sight Unseen: Sustainable Supply Chains in A/E/C

| Holding Redlich, Sydney

New legislation on modern slavery and supply chain reporting is having a ripple effect throughout the Australian architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Leaders of firms throughout Australian A/E/C will need to know how the legislation will affect their companies and the contracting environment.

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Australia | Touchstone Function-Managing Exponential Growth

| Holding Redlich | Melbourne, Australia

Managing rapid growth can be as challenging as navigating a major downturn—and as potentially as dangerous. This event focuses on the ways in which firms can not only survive rapid growth, but also capitalize on it for long-term success.

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Leadership Summit on Technology & Applied Innovation

| La Valencia Hotel, La Jolla, CA - USA

Perhaps the most significant such gathering of design thinking since the La Jolla gatherings began in 2004, this year’s summit focuses on the critical topics of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and all things security.

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Leadership Summit on the Business of Design 2017

| The Harvard Club, New York, NY - USA

A gathering of C-Suite executives from across A/E/C to explore and discuss risks, challenges, and opportunities in driving quality, profitability, and running a better business.

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DFC Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design

| Omni King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Ontario – Canada
Toronto Leadership summit on sustainable design

A call to action regarding cultural resilience, design resilience, and practice resilience that will lead the way to measurable environmental sustainability.

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