Australia | Sight Unseen: Sustainable Supply Chains in A/E/C

| Holding Redlich, Sydney

New legislation on modern slavery and supply chain reporting is having a ripple effect throughout the Australian architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Leaders of firms throughout Australian A/E/C will need to know how the legislation will affect their companies and the contracting environment.

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Australia | Touchstone Function-Managing Exponential Growth

| Holding Redlich | Melbourne, Australia

Managing rapid growth can be as challenging as navigating a major downturn—and as potentially as dangerous. This event focuses on the ways in which firms can not only survive rapid growth, but also capitalize on it for long-term success.

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Leadership Summit on Technology & Applied Innovation

| La Valencia Hotel, La Jolla, CA - USA

Perhaps the most significant such gathering of design thinking since the La Jolla gatherings began in 2004, this year’s summit focuses on the critical topics of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and all things security.

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Leadership Summit on the Business of Design 2017

| The Harvard Club, New York, NY - USA

A gathering of C-Suite executives from across A/E/C to explore and discuss risks, challenges, and opportunities in driving quality, profitability, and running a better business.

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DFC Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design

| Omni King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Ontario – Canada
Toronto Leadership summit on sustainable design

A call to action regarding cultural resilience, design resilience, and practice resilience that will lead the way to measurable environmental sustainability.

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